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The purpose of this project is to expose New Hampshire teachers and students to GIS (geographic information systems) and other geospatial technologies and provide teachers with the knowledge and support needed to implement GIS-based lessons and projects with their students.  GIS technology and methods are a critical component of decision-making in government, academia, business, and industry.  GIS can be implemented in a variety of curricular areas and is a powerful tool for understanding spatial data and relationships. Many teachers are unaware of its very existence, much less its capacity to transform teaching and learning. Expanded use of GIS in K-12 education will provide students with more opportunities for authentic, project-based learning as well as encourage development of higher order thinking skills.

Primary project components include:

  1. Exposing more NH teachers to the potential of GIS through workshops and presentations at conferences.
  2. Integrating GIS in all appropriate curricula in the Pemi-Baker Regional School District to model how GIS can enhance student motivation, content knowledge, and critical thinking skills.
  3. Developing a listserv to support communication and collaboration within New Hampshire among those using GIS in education.
  4. Establishing and supporting teams of teachers in 5 additional school districts who would like to either begin or expand the use of GIS.  Through this, a critical mass of educators utilizing GIS will be developed within the state of New Hampshire. (Spring Program)
  5. Offering a week-long, intensive, summer session graduate course entitled Designing Engaged Learning Projects with GIS to provide teachers with the knowledge and skills to design projects in which students are focused on challenging, real-life, student-directed, collaborative tasks. (Summer Course)

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Created: 12/03/08 Last Updated: 1/9/09