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Participant Application
Coordinator Application
Administrator Letter
General Information
Team Name: (school, district, SAU, or other name which describes your organization/team members
Coordinator's First & Last Name:
Coordinator's Preferred Email
Technology Information
List the name(s) and title(s) of the staff members at your organization who will provide technical support for software installation and the configuration of server space (for data files and shared project work area)
What do you see as the strengths of your school's technology situation? What are the weaknesses or challenges we are likely to need to overcome?
Additional comments on the technology resources and support at your school:
Administrative Support
In order for this program to be successful, it is important to have administrative support for the team. Please list the contact information for an administrator who would be willing to provide that support. He or she will then be sent an e-mail describing the program and listing the team members applying. The e-mail will also request a response indicating support for the team. See sample letter.
Position: (principal, superintendant, etc.)
Title: (Mr., Ms., Dr., etc)
First & Last Name
Coordinator Commitment
I agree to be the team coordinator for my team. Coordinator responsibilities include maintaining frequent communication between my team and the Incorporating GIS in the Curriculum program to report on progress and schedule school visits.
I understand that as the team coordinator I will often be the in-district resource person for GIS. I am willing to complete activities to gain additional experience with the software beyond those that are required to implement my three classroom lessons.
I will participate in the Designing Engaged Learning Projects with GIS 3-credit graduate course through Plymouth State University on June 28-July 3 and August 15, 2009.
I agree to continue to be a resource person for GIS after Spring 2009 to encourage others to continue or expand their use of GIS as it fits with their curriculums.
Portions of this document adapted from the application for Fermi LInC Online
Contact: webmaster@nhedgis.org
Created: 1/7/09 Last Updated: 1/9/09